Welcome to Small Group CBS! We love seeing what happens in people's lives when they discover God through the study of His word. Our groups are for anyone who wants to find out why the Bible still matters today. 


  • Groups choose a 6-8 week course, and have the flexibility to meet on a schedule that works for them.
  • Grow in your relationship with God while completing study questions online (or print the lessons, if you prefer).
  • Come together for a 60-90 minute meeting each week to discuss the passages in a welcoming small group setting.
  • Watch videos that highlight how the Scripture passages relate to life today.
  • Stay connected with group participants throughout the week via the group chat.


Anonymous 10/28/2023

Enjoyed the study! Very easy and applicable. Looking forward to continuing with the next study.

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Marie W. 10/26/2023

I enjoyed the course. I have read and studied the Bible, but it was interesting to hear the other group members' answers. The video presentations were excellent. The daily questions were clear and understandable. I'm looking forward to the next one!

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Teresa O. 10/26/2023

The format was excellent. I enjoyed the audio portions of the lessons and being able to link directly to scripture.

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Breunna D. 10/25/2023

God's Amazing Book was Amazing. Enjoyed being in a community to study God's Word and learn from one other.

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Diane S. 10/25/2023

BEING SO CLOSE with the Word. Having the highlight on the verse & clicking on it to bring it up for study. The perfect length for every section. And the time to do the work realistic in my week. I also enjoyed the variety of speakers and their insights for the section studied. The graphics and art work was top notch as well. All together it deepened my walk with the Lord.

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Riley B. 10/23/2023

I enjoyed working through Ephesians, and taking our time to go through the dense material. Paul had so much to say to the church of Ephesus and it feels so relevant today.

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Anonymous 10/22/2023

I enjoyed Ruth and Samuel part 1. The questions lead to good discussions in my core group. The end wrap up videos gave a good summary. The speakers are very enthusiastic and brought new information to the lesson.

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Susan M. 10/18/2023

I liked the length of the lessons while still going deeper into each passage. The course does a good job of bringing in other relevant Scripture passages to show the consistency of the Word.

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Maggie F. 10/12/2023

This is my very first experience with CBS and I love it! The content is great and I love the group I'm studying with.

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