Ephesians: Part 1

Ephesians: Part 1
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Part 1: From Death to Life / Ephesians 1-3:12

Duration: Six Sessions

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Course Overview

Before the foundations of the world, God had His people in mind. In love, He chose, forgave, and redeemed them. He adopted them to be His very own beloved children. Ephesians tells the story of God’s eternal plan to unite people who had been estranged from Him and one another into a beautiful community that reflects His glory to the world and even to the spiritual realms. This study will guide participants to engage with what it means to be reconciled to God, how that is possible, and the amazing benefits God gives as a result. It will also give practical guidance for how to apply these eternal truths to your everyday life.

This study is divided into two six-session courses.

Part 1: From Death to Life / Ephesians 1-3:12

Part 2: Equipped for Living the New Life / Ephesians 3:13-6:24

Meet the Teachers

Louis grew up hearing about Community Bible Study from his mother who served for many years in CBS. Later in life, Louis served on the CBS Board of Trustees and then as a local class leader. After college and a short stint with an internet startup in the mid 1990s, Louis joined the Navy SEALs which began a journey in national security, serving later with the intelligence community and then as one of its overseers in the U.S. Senate. Thereafter, Louis started his own consulting company and today he advises both industry and the government on innovations where they intersect.

Louis has traveled in over 150 countries, speaks a few languages and studies the Scriptures in the original Hebrew and Greek. He's an elder in his church and regularly swims, sky dives, rides motorcycles, and mentors men in various circles. Louis lives in Vienna, Virginia, with his wife, his youngest son and their cavalier Charlie while their two other sons attend college.Show less
With a Master's in Education, Nina worked for a few years as a teacher and then as an educational consultant for a K-12 charter school for over a decade. She changed gears to manage her family's physical therapy practice with her husband, the sole practitioner. She has been involved in several ministries, including CBS where various leadership roles have affirmed her call to teach. It is her desire to share the Word of God in such a way that others would know how wide, long, high, and deep is the Lord’s love.

Nina lives in Landenberg, PA with her husband, Chris, and sassy cat, Pickles. They have three sons who live and work or go to school in other states, which affords Nina and Chris many opportunities for family connection as well as fuels their love of travel. Nina also loves to read, connect with friends, and has recently jumped on the pickleball bandwagon.Show less
A mechanical engineer by training, Ron has been involved in CBS since 1998. Studying the Word with CBS has done more to make him advance in his walk to be more like Jesus than anything else in his life. He has been called to a number of different roles within CBS, but Central Idea teaching is his passion.

Ron and his wife, Ginny, live in Owasso, OK after spending most of their lives back East. Their three kids and their families (six grandchildren) have also moved to the Midwest, and they enjoy frequent family gatherings. Ron enjoys sailing, sailboat racing, and learning to drive his sports car as fast as he can on nearby race tracks.Show less

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Featured Course Reviews

Anonymous 10/28/2023

Enjoyed the study! Very easy and applicable. Looking forward to continuing with the next study.

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Teresa O. 10/26/2023

The format was excellent. I enjoyed the audio portions of the lessons and being able to link directly to scripture.

Show less
Diane S. 10/26/2023

BEING SO CLOSE with the Word. Having the highlight on the verse & clicking on it to bring it up for study. The perfect length for every section. And the time to do the work realistic in my week. I also enjoyed the variety of speakers and their insights for the section studied. The graphics and art work was top notch as well. All together it deepened my walk with the Lord.

Show less
Riley B. 10/23/2023

I enjoyed working through Ephesians, and taking our time to go through the dense material. Paul had so much to say to the church of Ephesus and it feels so relevant today.

Show less
Susan M. 10/19/2023

I liked the length of the lessons while still going deeper into each passage. The course does a good job of bringing in other relevant Scripture passages to show the consistency of the Word.

Show less

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