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Course Overview

The book of Job addresses a millennia-old question: Why does a good God allow suffering? It explores the various theories people have offered in response to this troubling problem. Perhaps no other book of the Bible addresses such raw and vulnerable suffering. We learn from Job’s painfully honest example that it’s okay to struggle and question in times of great suffering and loss—provided we keep taking those questions to God and don’t lose faith in Him. We also gain wisdom on what to do and especially what not to do when those we love go through difficult times. Given the nature of Job’s themes, participants may be surprised by the encouragement they receive from this study.

Meet the Teachers

Though a radiologic technologist by training, Natalie’s true “career” has been with CBS for the past three decades.  The Lord has continued to transform her through in-depth Bible study and she has benefitted greatly from  journeying on the CBS road with some amazing fellow servants.  She has been called to many roles within CBS, including a decade of training Teaching Directors and Associate Teaching Directors, and she currently serves as the leader of Curriculum Support Team.  She is passionate about seeing people grow more in love with God as they encounter Him in the Bible. 
Natalie lives with her husband Steve in Mars, Pennsylvania, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh. They are blessed to have their adult children living nearby, and two of her most favorite people in the world call her “Nana.” She is a voracious reader, an avid walker, football fan, and enjoys kayaking and photographing the beautiful world God has created. Show less
Marcy is a lover of God’s Word and is passionate about Bible study. After marrying her high school sweetheart Brent, she traveled with him as they lived in multiple cities for Brent’s professional career in the National Basketball Association. After eleven years in the NBA, Brent and Marcy retired to Enid, Oklahoma with their four children. Marcy has passed down her love for the Lord and passion for Bible study to them and her three grandchildren. She serves as a Teaching Director in Community Bible Study and is also currently serving as a trainer on the Teaching Director training team. Her prayer is that people would fall in love with God’s Word and would seek Him in everything. Her hobbies include hiking, biking, gardening, and hosting and cooking for family and friends.Show less

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