Ruth & Samuel: Part 3

Ruth & Samuel: Part 3
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Part 3: David's Reign Over Israel / 2 Samuel: 5-24

Duration: Six Sessions

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Course Overview

The Old Testament books of Ruth and 1 and 2 Samuel describe the faith journeys of men and women like us. Sure, they may have been prophets or priests, or kings—but they were also sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. They struggled in the same ways we do. They experienced deferred hopes and dreams, broken relationships, shameful failures and personal trauma, just as we do. It’s what they did with those disappointments that matters. In this study, you will see people who took their pain and anger to God—and those who did not. And in either case, you will see how God remained faithful.

This study is divided into three six-session courses.

Part 1: The Rise of Israel's Monarchy / Ruth and 1 Samuel: 1-15

Part 2: God Calls a New King / 1 Samuel: 16 through 2 Samuel: 4

Part 3: David's Reign Over Israel / 2 Samuel: 5-24

Meet the Teachers

With a Master's in Education, Nina worked for a few years as a teacher and then as an educational consultant for a K-12 charter school for over a decade. She changed gears to manage her family's physical therapy practice with her husband, the sole practitioner. She has been involved in several ministries, including CBS where various leadership roles have affirmed her call to teach. It is her desire to share the Word of God in such a way that others would know how wide, long, high, and deep is the Lord’s love.

Nina lives in Landenberg, PA with her husband, Chris, and sassy cat, Pickles. They have three sons who live and work or go to school in other states, which affords Nina and Chris many opportunities for family connection as well as fuels their love of travel. Nina also loves to read, connect with friends, and has recently jumped on the pickleball bandwagon.Show less
Natalie has been married to her husband, Kerry, for 25 years and is a homeschool mom of three, one of which is now in college. She serves on her local church school board and enjoys spending time serving alongside her family in various ministries, especially to widows and the elderly. Natalie is an avid reader and likes baking, singing with her daughter, playing UNO with her son, counseling her college student, and running with her husband.

Natalie has served in Community Bible Study in various roles, most recently as a Teaching Director and Area Director in Alabama. CBS has been an integral part of the Word of God changing her life as she learned to study it. She is grateful to be a daughter of King Jesus, and John 8:36 is one of her favorite verses: “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!”Show less
Jenn is a proud graduate of Texas A&M (WHOOP!) where she first heard the good news of the gospel through a campus ministry. After graduation, she held several positions in accounting and finance roles before “retiring” to stay home with her young sons (one of her favorite roles). Now an empty-nester, Jenn and her husband, Lee, live in Northern Virginia and enjoy serving at their church and traveling, especially to visit their now college-aged sons in Waco, Texas. Jenn also enjoys hosting gatherings in her home and loves to read.

Jenn has been called to serve in various CBS roles for over 15 years and has seen first-hand how her life has been transformed through the study of God’s Word. She can often be heard sharing “This I know that God is for me.” Psalm 56:9.Show less
A mechanical engineer by training, Ron has been involved in CBS since 1998. Studying the Word with CBS has done more to make him advance in his walk to be more like Jesus than anything else in his life. He has been called to a number of different roles within CBS, but Central Idea teaching is his passion.

Ron and his wife, Ginny, live in Owasso, OK after spending most of their lives back East. Their three kids and their families (six grandchildren) have also moved to the Midwest, and they enjoy frequent family gatherings. Ron enjoys sailing, sailboat racing, and learning to drive his sports car as fast as he can on nearby race tracks.Show less

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Featured Course Reviews

linda t. 02/23/2024

This course was wonderful!! I love how David trusted God and had a deep and personal relationship with Him. Although David made some grave mistakes in his life, he always repented and turned back to God. Such an encouragement for all of us! As I think of my own relationship with God, I am hopeful that He would see that I have a heart after His own as David did.

Show less
Anonymous 02/16/2024

I liked the course. It's helping me to understand and apply God's word in my daily life.

Show less
Karen Z. 02/16/2024

So great to see God working and learn more about his attributes. Also great to learn some history and how scripture, people, and happenings point to Jesus.

Show less
Anonymous 02/15/2024

Promotes a much deeper understanding

Show less
Anonymous 02/14/2024

this study was challenging but I have learned a lot.

Show less
Anonymous 02/13/2024

This course took one of the Bible stories that I thought I knew pretty well and expanded on it showing me that there was indeed a great deal more to the story. I enjoyed it, and was challenged by it.

Show less
Anonymous 02/12/2024

some of this course was very challenging to understand and I was so glad to have been learning Samuel via our small CBS group experience

Show less

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