Holly Huckabee

After Holly graduated from Baylor University, she and her husband Sandy moved to Germany for a few years, sparking her passion for history and travel. After they returned, the family settled in Holly’s childhood hometown in central Arkansas. She worked part-time across three decades in journalism, management, research and development, and various education and healthcare non-profit organizations, while dedicating herself to raising her son and two daughters and caring for her mother through a long-time battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Holly has been actively involved in Community Bible Study since 2001.

Holly now spends time ardently supporting Arkansas Razorback sports teams, relishing outdoor adventures with loved ones, and cherishing moments with her wonderful adult children. Holly’s greatest joys are being truly known by Jesus and telling others about His marvelous mercy. She says, “He’s my ‘one defense, my righteousness…oh, how I need Him every hour!’”Show less