Ruth & Samuel: Part 2 - Pilot

Ruth & Samuel: Part 2 - Pilot

Ruth & Samuel: Part 2 - Pilot

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Ruth & Samuel: Part 2 - Pilot
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Course Description

Part 2: God Calls a New King / 1 Samuel: 16 through 2 Samuel: 4

Duration: Six Sessions

Enrollment Fee: $10

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Course Overview

The Old Testament books of Ruth and 1 and 2 Samuel describe the faith journeys of men and women like us. Sure, they may have been prophets or priests, or kings—but they were also sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. They struggled in the same ways we do. They experienced deferred hopes and dreams, broken relationships, shameful failures and personal trauma, just as we do. It’s what they did with those disappointments that matters. In this study, you will see people who took their pain and anger to God—and those who did not. And in either case, you will see how God remained faithful.

This study is divided into three six-session courses.

Part 1: The Rise of Israel's Monarchy / Ruth and 1 Samuel: 1-15

Part 2: God Calls a New King / 1 Samuel: 16 through 2 Samuel: 4

Part 3: David's Reign Over Israel / 2 Samuel: 5-24

Meet the Teachers

Ann Emge

Ann Emge was raised in Western Pennsylvania (Go Steelers!) and attended Grove City College. She's employed by an airline (let's travel!). She's been involved with CBS for 25 years. Four generations of her family have been impacted by God's word through this ministry (thanks, CBS!). Ann and her husband Barry have three married children and one granddaughter (want to see pics?). She clings to the truth that "My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth." (YAY God!)

Marcy Price

Marcy is a lover of God’s Word and is passionate about Bible study. After marrying her high school sweetheart Brent, she traveled with him as they lived in multiple cities for Brent’s professional career in the National Basketball Association. After eleven years in the NBA, Brent and Marcy retired to Enid, Oklahoma with their four children. Marcy has passed down her love for the Lord and passion for Bible study to them and her three grandchildren. She serves as a Teaching Director in Community Bible Study and is also currently serving as a trainer on the Teaching Director training team. Her prayer is that people would fall in love with God’s Word and would seek Him in everything. Her hobbies include hiking, biking, gardening, and hosting and cooking for family and friends.

Sandy Huckabee

Sandy graduated from the University of Arkansas with a music degree before attending law school in the same location. After serving in the U.S. Air Force as a J.A.G. attorney and then in the private practice of law, he has served as a Circuit Judge in central Arkansas since 2009.

Married to Holly, they have three adult children in three states. Sandy enjoys all Razorback sports. He also loves music and played in rock & roll and Christian rock bands in college and has served on worship teams and praise choirs.

Holly introduced Sandy to the joy and blessing of a caring in-depth study of God’s Word through Community Bible Study. Sandy has served as the Teaching Director of the Little Rock Evening CBS Class and now serves as a CBS Leader in a remote in-person group in his small Arkansas hometown.

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